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  • Our classes are designed for children 0-­3 years old with a parent/caregiver. It is a 45-­minute music and movement experience that includes dancing, singing songs, rhythmic rhymes, and instrument play. These activities are presented as informal, non-performance oriented musical experiences developmentally appropriate for the age range of the class and easy for parents/caregivers regardless of their own musical ability.

  • Sessions are quarterly and may range between 6-­14 weekly classes. For the Fall they generally begin in August or September, with start dates ranging from August 15-­September 30. Winter sessions generally begin in January, with the start dates ranging from Jan.1-­31. Spring sessions generally begin in March, with start dates ranging from March 1-­April 15. Summer sessions generally begin in June, with start dates ranging from June 1-­July 5 (Summer sessions are usually shorter).

  • Participation by the parent/caregiver is key. Active participation by the parent/caregiver sets them up as role models. Participation is an integral part of the bonding that occurs during the class. It also helps develop a sense of community with the other children and parent/caregivers. Caregiver age must be 18 years or older.

  • Registration requires payment in full for the entire session. The cost is $15 a child per class per weeks in the session. The Zumbini™ Bundle is an additional $42.  It includes two 20 song-­CDs and a songbook for that quarter. Each quarter the songbook will have a different theme. Each songbook will contain the words to all the songs, a story to read and share with the child, and some ideas of activities for the caregiver and the child. Please provide email address and/or phone number for communication.  All information will be kept confidential.

  • Payment policy is Cash, Check, or through Paypal on the Zumbini™- Registration tab above. 
    Check the Zumbini™-Registration tab for all class times/locations.

  • Late registration is allowed only 2 weeks into session, ONLY WHEN MINIMUM CLASS SIZE HAS BEEN MET, and a 10% discount will be applied. Bundle cost is still additional.

  • Siblings charge will be a discounted rate of $10 per sibling per class (see registration).

  • Non-­registered older siblings/guests/family members/visitors will be given 1 complimentary visitation and any additional visitations will be $10 per person, per visit. (Does not include school closings, holidays, etc).

  • Drop-­In’s will be allowed throughout session 1 per family, $20 fee. Drop-­in’s within first 2 weeks only are eligible to sign up for the current session, otherwise must wait for the start of next session.

  • Refunds will NOT be given once the session starts. 100% refund will be provided for cancellations only 10 days prior to start of session (before registration deadline).

  • Make up classes will be offered the following week of the end of session at same time/location. No make up classes offered for last 2 weeks of any session.

  • Acts of God/School Closings for Inclement weather will follow the school closings and correspond with registered families via contact information.

    REQUIREMENT: Minimum of 5 families for each session. If not, you will be reimbursed fully. Please check in on the following session.


  • No running in class

  • No eating in class

  • No talking during class!

  • No video taping or picture taking

  • Keep sick babies at home

  • Dance, sing, and have fun!